Travel Log | Brunei (October 2010)
Tour details
We visited Brunei as part of a Borneo tour organised by the Australian based travel agent Borneo Tour Specialists.
There is not much than can be said about Brunei other than it is incredibly boring. The small Bornean enclave is famed for its oil wealth and incredibly rich leader, The Sultan of Brunei. The Islamic state is completely 'dry' so the buying of alcohol is prohibited. Non-Muslim foreigners are allowed to bring in a couple of bottles of alcohol each time they pass customs and bootlegging from across the border with Malaysia is not uncommon. In the absence of any bars or night clubs you would think that people would congregate in restaurants instead but the few restaurants we managed to find open were mostly empty. The sites of Brunei mainly centre around a couple of mosques and the Sultan's palace, though the latter is only partially visible from the distant security fence. The water village is fairly unique in that the houses are all wired for internet access and have all the mod cons not usually associated with such dwellings. Many have expensive luxury cars parked out back too. A short river cruise offers the opportunity to glimpse some of Borneo's renowned wildlife though monkey's aside we did not see a great deal. In summary, it is easily possible to cover most of Brunei's sites in a single day and past that there is probably little reason to stay on longer.
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