Kaesong, North Korea (June 2008)
Authorised portrayal
Barkyeon falls (a 'scenic masterpiece')
Wisdom of the 'Great' and 'Dear' leaders
Stone sculpture at Kwanumsa temple
Kwanumsa temple door decoration
Kwanumsa temple monk
Kwanumsa temple
Lunch at Kaesong model village
Kaesong model village
Sunjukgyo historical stone bridge
Koryo Museum, Kaesong
Unauthorised portrayal
Workers labouring in river
The 'Great Leader' Kim Il Song everywhere
It says 'Hail the son, General Kim Jong Il'
A typically lifeless Kaesong street
A traffic director but no traffic to direct
The 'Great' and 'Dear' leaders show the way
Soldiers on every street and every corner
...another soldier...
...and another soldier
Big roads, but no cars
Children on Kaesong street
Guarding a road
Guarding some houses
Guarding a patch of dirt
More empty roads
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